Let's talk about the TRS to Dual Mono Splitter

Depending on the situation, you may need a TRS splitter. A TRS splitter splits the Tip and Ring signal of a TRS plug into 2 independent mono plugs. Often this purchased as a Y-Cable.

There are a variety of products that do this. Where it's especially helpful to have a splitter is with the Rick-O-Sound and the Jerry Garcia style OBEL (On-Board Effects Loop).

Rickenbacker's Rick-O-Sound

On some of Rickenbacker instruments, there are 2 output jacks on the guitar. One labeled "Standard" and the other "Rick-O-Sound". Then Standard accepts a standard 1/4" mono plug, and the Rick-O-Sound accepts a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) stereo plug.

When plugged into the Rick-O-Sound TRS output, the pickups are individually wired (Bridge going on one conductor and the Neck to another). Both signals are sent to separate amps or effects. Some musicians look for a Y-Cable , but it can be difficult to find the proper lengths and durability to meet their needs. That’s where the TRS to Dual Mono splitter comes in very handy.

With the TRS to Dual Mono Splitter, you can run a single TRS cable from the instrument to the splitter. From the splitter, you can add a pair of standard mono instrument cables. You have the flexibility to change lengths (or switch to patch cables, etc.) at any time or as needs change without having to change the entire set up.

Jerry Garcia OBEL

When Jerry Garcia was playing with the white Travis Bean TB500, he began working with the OBEL option. The OBEL (On-Board Effects Loop) is an effects loop running through the guitar circuitry instead of signal going from guitar to pedals to amp. With this set up 2 cables are required. One cable is a standard mono instrument cable that would go to an amp (or possibly pedals to amp). The second cable is a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) Stereo cable acting as send and return of the effects loop (which would be an array of pedals on the ground). In the past, this would need to be a Y-Cable with a variety of lengths. With the TRS to Dual Mono Splitter a single TRS of any length can be used to go from guitar to splitter. To create the send and return effects loop the player can use short mono instrument cables or patch cables to and from the splitter to effects pedals on the floor.

TRS to Dual Mono Splitter

With the TRS to Dual Mono Splitter, you have the flexibility to change cables and lengths depending on the application or situation.

The advantage for going with a splitter such as this, is that the strain of the ground split is contained in a rugged enclosure and not reliant on the cable. Cable strain can lead to cable failure. I’m sure some of you had Y-Cables fail.

We are very partial to Splitters vs. Y-Cables and offer a variety of splitters such as our Mono to Dual Mono Splitter, Stereo to Dual Stereo Headphone Splitter and our super popular TRS to Dual Mono Splitter. All are passive (no power), simple and built to last!