Request a Cable Build/Estimate.

Since cable combinations styles, lengths, plugs, colors, etc can be quite custom, we begin the process with "What do you want?" Please fill out this form to provide us with some details. We will get back to you with additional questions to provide you an exact cost. We strive to provide great customer service, and the first step is to understand exactly what you want.

Please provide us the following information about your cable(s).

  1. - What cable type(s) are you interested in?
    Available types - Standard, Snake Head, Pedal Steel and Speaker
  2. - What color weaving are you interested in?
  3. - What plug combinations are you interested in?
    Available combinations - Straight to Straight, Right Angle to Right Angle or Mixed. Also plugs may be upgraded
  4. - Finally, what lengths are you interested in?

Cost is based on length. Snake Head and Standard cables (any color, any plug combination) are broken down to the following for a rough guide on costs.

  1. - 20' $65 (plus shipping)
  2. - 15' $60 (plus shipping)
  3. - 10' $55 (plus shipping)
  4. - 3' Pedal Steel Cable $35 (plus shipping)
  5. - 3' Speaker Cable $40 (plus shipping)
  6. - 6", 8" or 10" Flex Patch $10 (plus shipping)
  7. - 8", 10" or 12" Pro Patch $20 (plus shipping)
  8. - Line Buffer $65 (plus shipping)

Gift Certificates.

Color options.

Dirty Tweed
Dirty Tweed
Mean Green
Mean Green
Silver Sage
Silver Sage
No Weave

Plug options.

All cables are built with Neutrik Nickel plugs unless upgraded. Upgrades include:

  • Neutrik Gold (additional $5)
  • Switchcraft 182 straight Silent Plug (additional $5)
  • Speaker Cables only come with straight Switchcraft 188 1/4" plugs (included in cost) or Neutrik Speak-On plugs

Leave this empty:

(Discounts may only be applied to regular priced cables.)
Please be descriptive! For example:
2x 20' Snake Head in Dirty Tweed. Right angle to Straight plugs
1x 10' Standard Red Straight to Straight plugs
1x 10' Standard Red Straight to Straight plugs
1x Line Buffer
3x 6" Flex Patch
2x 10" Pro Patch
1x 20' XLR
For example - Include Gift Tin for $5, etc. Click to view Gift Tin

We may have a few more questions after receiving your build request and will get back to you quickly after receiving the request. Shipping will be based on weight and location. International customers, please note that some custom charges may be required to be paid on your end. Countries vary from country to country.

All payments will be handled via PayPal. If PayPal is not an option, please let me know and we can work out other arrangements.