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Flex Patch (8 pack).

Flex Patch (8 pack)

8 pack of Flex Patches. Choose between 8x6", 8x8" or 8x10". The Flex Patch contain a Bare Copper conductor and Bare Copper spiral shielding with 98% coverage and smaller diameter than our instrument cables / Pro Patch at (.230"). The Flex-Patch comes GLS Audio Pancakes with gold signal contacts.

When flexibility is important and getting into tight spaces on your pedalboard, we are offering the Flex-Patch! With our 8 Pack you get a solid grip of a length that you need for your set up! If you're unsure - our 6" is the most popular length for sure!

If you're looking for a specific cable not offered, please submit a custom build request, and we can try to provide that for you!


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Looking for a custom build?

Are you looking for something custom? A specific length or request? No problem! Submit a custom build request and we can help you out!

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Reviews on Google

Randall Brown
Randall Brown
Rattlesnake Cables are tough and durable and carry beautiful big signals to my amps. I love the colors and patterns in the shell weave, but their base-line quality build carries the weight, so to speak. The company is awesome to deal with, too. Prompt, personal service and comprehensive, easily...
Jake Stephens
Jake Stephens
I’ve had several different lengths and variations of rattlesnake cables and I love them all. They are durable, don’t make any extra noise, and have lasted me 4 years of INTENSE use (and they look sick). I couldn’t recommend a better and more reliable cable for my guitar and pedal board.
Robert Cox
Robert Cox
Outstanding products! I gig often, in two bands. I have Rattlesnake cables for all my guitar to amp needs and I use their patch cables for my pedalboard. These things are like, military-grade strong. Love the color choices, material and features. Crisp, clear tones, never a problem. Can't recommend...


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