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I have a lot of things to talk about this week - beyond this sale. We're calling this month our tenth anniversary. 2012 was the year we started to make things official. Purchased a domain name, finalized the logo, etc. I wanted to spend a few moments reflecting. For some of you, the origin story might be interesting.

I originally started tinkering with pedals, thinking that was something fun to pursue. My career at that time was in web development/programming. My world existed in code. My product existed on a hard drive. In the early days, I thought it was cool, but it rapidly went to a 'whats-the-point' phase. I always respected 'builders.' People were building 'something.' People are building stuff for other people. Real things. Tangible things. Things that could help others. And I was noticing that itch.

I remember talking to Amy (my wife, partner, and best friend) that I thought offering cables could be something fun and interesting as a business. Typically not fun. Not an exciting purchase - but maybe we can make it a little more fun. At that moment, a cable company was born.

From that point in our bedroom to where we are today has been one hell of a journey. So many ups and downs. So many doubts. So many internal pep talks. But luckily, Amy and I are "grinders." We'll just keep pushing forward—inch by inch. Never stop, even though it looks impossible. The risk is high, but we were committed to giving it a shot.

We would sit there and wonder how all these businesses "do it." We aren't business people. But we're willing to learn and keep trying. We got a little better every year, and then when we started hiring our team - slowly and surely, is where things turned. Our crew is the best crew on the planet. Their positivity, creativity, smarts, dedication, and belief in the product and the brand - push us to continue moving forward and grow. Looking back to when it was just me, then Amy and I, then the team we have today, it's hard not to get emotional.

But that's all about us. Where the business really turned is YOU. The customers that have bought cables, that have helped spread the word - it's because of you we're growing. So thank you for believing in us, taking a chance with us, and embracing us. Thank you!

And, a sidenote to this celebration - my birthday is this week. Another trip around the sun. I'm still kicking. Not feeling young anymore, but still trying to stay young in the head. You know how it goes.

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