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My name is Hank Donovan and I started Rattlesnake Cable Company when I began researching for the cable of my dreams. For years prior I've been involved with electronics ranging from pedal building to instrument repairs and to other various nerd projects. I always enjoyed working on music related projects and thought making a great cable would be something fun and satisfying to pursue. I began ordering various components from plugs to cable to protective weaving, etc. I finally found the combination that met all of my needs; I was really excited about the final product.

As a guitarist, I wanted to achieve certain goals. Obviously, signal was the primary goal. I've owned various "quality" cables and I wanted to surpass the quality of those cables. I've always been a believer of quality in the cable (both in signal as well as durability) so this was going to be a tough task. If not too familiar with capacitance in cables, here is a quick simple explanation. Some cables begin to bleed off the high end and signal, especially with longer runs.

The cable itself becomes a capacitor, and to address this, we have our Oxygen Free Bare Copper (OFBC) low capacitance cable manufactured here in the United States to preserve that high end. Additionally, I hated cables that tend to be noisy or worse, cease to work due to the shielding being weak or easily broken. The cables we use have a strong heavy braided shielding with 95% coverage. This makes the cable super heavy duty... and quiet! Finally, I wanted strong, quality plugs, Neutrik ended up being the winners. The plugs are great quality and their cable clamp system adds more protection for the cables by securing the solder connections. All of these pieces are what ended up creating Rattlesnake Cables today. When I plugged in my first prototype I was immediately blown away by the clarity, punch of the signal! I used a protective weaving to help prevent cable binding and I had something I was very happy with!

Originally, I assembed the cable for myself, but as soon as other musical friends of mine started seeing, hearing and feeling the cables, the requests started coming in for cables... and the company was born. The response has been fantastic and seeing these cables on stage with working musicians is something very special for me!

Rattlesnake Cable Company is based out of beautiful Missoula, Montana where I'm very proud to call my home. What started with a simple idea for me has grown into a family business where my wife and my kids have become involved with the operations. Each cable is assembled and tested by myself and are made "to order". Each cable is tested through a Fender Jazzmaster through a Matchless Amp for final testing after assembly. They're not simply tested through a cable tester, but played to determine if the tone is 100% there.

I look forward to building your cable!


We are currently offering 4 basic styles of cables, but you can build any type of cables. These types are the Snake Head, Standard, Pedal Steel and Speaker cables. Each cable can be any length you desire and can have heavy duty Neutrik Nickel straight to straight plugs, right angle to right angle plugs, or a combination of right angle and straight.

The "Snake Head" was designed for instruments with sensitive or vintage finishes. A snake head has the heat and abrasion resistant sleeving stopping short on one end. This is perfect for the players that like to route their cable between the guitar strap and the instrument.

The ideal combination would be a Snake Head from the instrument to the board and a standard full weave from the board to the amp.

Additionally, we are offering 2 different styles of pedalboard patch cables - Pro Patch and Flex Patch.

We are proud to say we use multiple wire mills here in the United States to manufacture our instrument cables, our speaker cables and patches to our exact specifications. Each cable is hand assembled and tested here in Missoula, Montana.

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I set out looking for a really good, reliable, durable cable for my setup. That's when I ran into the Rattlesnake Cable Company. Rattlesnake, the name alone denotes strength, and reliability. I thought I'd give them a try. I love my cable, and will...

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We like to showcase all of our builds on Facebook and Instagram. Below are recent images from Instagram account! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more examples.

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It’s a @rattlesnakecables sighting! Randall broke in his new snake weave/snake head Rattlesnake brand guitar cord in a raucous practice for Sunday’s gig at @preservationpub. That blue one going into the @roland_us JC120 is Rattlesnake, too.
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Thank you @rattlesnakecables for the tour replacement speaker cables. You are the best. #neutronfriends #secretfriends #tour #cables #geartalk #knowyourtone
A big pile of dealer cables heading to Pedals Music in Eau Claire, WI. Thanks guys!!!
Rattlesnake Sighting!! Greenchild K818

Are you guys in? Give away ends tonight!!!! Click link in bio to enter!

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Best cables for the workin man!
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Gone green. #tonekingamps #rattlesnakecables #crookcustomguitars
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My amp rig as of right now: Fender Hot Rod 212 DeVille, And a Sunn Model T through a @millscustomamps 212 open Back cab and an @atlascabinets 412 bass cab. @rigsofdoom @sunnamplifiers @fender #rigsofdoom #guitaramp #sunnamps #sunnmodelt #fenderamps #geartalk #knowyourtone
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Shippin’ shtuff⚡️⚡️
Get yer your own on our website peoples!!!
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Here is a nice set for Alex in Los Angeles, CA. Here we have 15' Snake Head and Standard in Limited Snake Weave and upgraded Neutrik Gold Plugs, 3' Speaker Cable in Mean Green and some 6
Blowing through pint glasses! Just got a new shipment in today! Save 20% on all regular priced items with code SPIG18 on our site!
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Old school tones ❤️ @officialgretsch #toneking #tonekingamps #gearporn #boutiqueamps #amplified #rattlesnakecables  #geartalk #knowyourtone
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I wanted to celebrate this weekend with a great site wide sale! We're going to knock off 20% on all regular priced items on our site. Use code SPIG18 on your cart to take advantage of savings! or click link in bio!

St. Patrick's Day is a special day for me. Before our wedding, my not-yet-wife and I were obviously in a serious relationship. Back in those days, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day as our anniversary. We celebrated our first one of those (and still acknowledge this is a 'second anniversary') 25 years ago tomorrow.  My wife is my best friend, my best business partner, and Rattlesnake Cable Company would be nothing today without her help. 
This sale will run from now until Sunday night (3/18) at 11:59PM MDT. Don't miss out on this chance to save.
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My 'Snakeskin' weave @rattlesnakecables fresh from Hank Donovan made in Montana. If you are looking for low capacitance tour grade instrument cables, check him out. 
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