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My name is Hank Donovan and I started Rattlesnake Cable Company when I began researching for the cable of my dreams. For years prior I've been involved with electronics ranging from pedal building to instrument repairs and to other various nerd projects. I always enjoyed working on music related projects and thought making a great cable would be something fun and satisfying to pursue. I began ordering various components from plugs to cable to protective weaving, etc. I finally found the combination that met all of my needs; I was really excited about the final product.

As a guitarist, I wanted to achieve certain goals. Obviously, signal was the primary goal. I've owned various "quality" cables and I wanted to surpass the quality of those cables. I've always been a believer of quality in the cable (both in signal as well as durability) so this was going to be a tough task. If not too familiar with capacitance in cables, here is a quick simple explanation. Some cables begin to bleed off the high end and signal, especially with longer runs.

The cable itself becomes a capacitor, and to address this, we have our Oxygen Free Bare Copper (OFBC) low capacitance cable manufactured here in the United States to preserve that high end. Additionally, I hated cables that tend to be noisy or worse, cease to work due to the shielding being weak or easily broken. The cables we use have a strong heavy braided shielding with 95% coverage. This makes the cable super heavy duty... and quiet! Finally, I wanted strong, quality plugs, Neutrik ended up being the winners. The plugs are great quality and their cable clamp system adds more protection for the cables by securing the solder connections. All of these pieces are what ended up creating Rattlesnake Cables today. When I plugged in my first prototype I was immediately blown away by the clarity, punch of the signal! I used a protective weaving to help prevent cable binding and I had something I was very happy with!

Originally, I assembed the cable for myself, but as soon as other musical friends of mine started seeing, hearing and feeling the cables, the requests started coming in for cables... and the company was born. The response has been fantastic and seeing these cables on stage with working musicians is something very special for me!

Rattlesnake Cable Company is based out of beautiful Missoula, Montana where I'm very proud to call my home. What started with a simple idea for me has grown into a family business where my wife and my kids have become involved with the operations. Each cable is assembled and tested by myself and are made "to order". Each cable is tested through a Fender Jazzmaster through a Matchless Amp for final testing after assembly. They're not simply tested through a cable tester, but played to determine if the tone is 100% there.

I look forward to building your cable!


Exclusive / Limited Products

Radar Olive Standard

Radar Olive Snake Head

Midnight Purple Standard

Midnight Purple Snake Head

Vintage Umber Standard

Vintage Umber Snake Head


Standard Rattlesnake Cable

Standard Rattlesnake Cable come in 10', 15' and 20' lengths. Each cable can have straight, right angle or a mix of Neutrik Nickel plugs (Neutrik Golds are also available). Colors include red, black, sage, dirty tweed, blue, copper and mean green....

$55.00 - $65.00

Snake Head Rattlesnake Cable

"Snake Head" as we like to call them is a cable with the heat and abrasion resistant sleeving stopping short on one end. This leaves a portion of raw cable perfect for wrapping around guitar straps. Snake Head Cables come in 10', 15' and 20'...

$55.00 - $65.00

Pedal Steel Cable

We're very excited about this line of cable. These cables are ideal for pedal steel players connecting from the steel to the volume pedal. 3' cable typically with straight to right angle Neutrik Nickel plugs (Neutrik Golds are also available)....


TRS Rattlesnake Cable

Our TRS Cable is a dual conductor cable with the same outside diameter as our standard instrument cable. Cables use Neutrik Gold TRS plugs. If you're looking for a great TRS for your instrument or studio needs, look no further.

TRS Patch...

$55.00 - $65.00

Speaker Cable

Speaker cables use beefy 12 AwG dual conductors cable. We only offer jumbo Switchraft 188 straight plugs for our Speaker cables.

$40.00 - $50.00

XLR Cable

Our XLR cable uses our dual conductor cable milled in the United States. All XLRs use Neutrik Pro-Grade Nickel Plugs and come standard with no-weave (bare).

Neutrik Black shells are available as an upgrade. Weaving is available as an...

$35.00 - $45.00

Pro Patch Cable

The Pro-Patch uses the exact same spec cable as our instrument cables and uses high quality right angle G&H GGN (Gold) plugs. Due to the wider cable diameter (.280"), the cables will come in the following lengths - 8", 10" and 12". Note, if...


Flex Patch Cable

When flexibility is important and getting into tight spaces, we are offering the Flex-Patch! This cable is our new patch cable with Bare Copper conductor and Bare Copper sprial shielding with 98% coverage and smaller diameter than our instrument...



Rattlesnake Line Buffer

The Rattlesnake line buffer is an OpAmp based line buffer. There is an on/off true bypass toggle switch as well as a discreet/subtle LED indicator. All jacks and switches are mounted on one side of the unit for maximum options for placing the unit...


Rattlesnake Audio Probe

The Rattlesnake Audio Probe is a great tool for you DIY effect builders and modders. It allows you to probe the circuit establishing break points that let you know what the circuit is doing audibly. This is a great way to identify bad components...


TRS to Dual Mono Splitter

I'm not a fan of TRS Y-Cables. They have a tendency to fail, and you are stuck with the length you get. We get asked about Y-Cables often, and I always recommend a TRS to Dual Mono Splitter

With a TRS to Dual Mono Splitter, you have maximum...


Junction Box

Junction Box is a way to connect two cables. Inside our powder coated, laser engraved is an actual Rattlesnake Cable connecting the Neutrik mono jacks.

Why? Let me describe a couple of scenarios that I have personally experienced. Playing...




Due to popular demand we are now offering Rattlesnake Cable Company T-Shirts! If you want to represent, get yourself one of these great t-shirts! These t-shirts are on American Apparel t-shirts (Yay.. made in the USA!) and are printed here in the...


Pint Glass

What a great way to drink your favorite beverage in style! Grab yourself a Rattlesnake Cable Company pint glass featuring our star logo in black ink on quality pint glass!


Coffee Mug

I'm addicted. Addicted to coffee. I have to start EVERY morning with a good cup o' joe. If you're like me, you know what that's all about. We are now offering these great coffee mugs. These are 15oz campfire stoneware mugs. Looks like the speckled...


10oz Tumbler w/Lid

Tumblers are all the rage these days. Keep hot drinks hot. Keep cold drinks cold. These are great! Our Rattlesnake Tumblers are 10oz with a sealed lid. These in particular look very cool with black powder coat and laser engraved logo.


Pick Tin

Pick tins are great to hold your picks, earplugs, coins, etc. These are Altoid ™ style tins, matte black powder coat and with our Rattlesnake logo laser engraved on the lid. Mount it on your board or throw it in your guitar case!


Bottle Opener Key Ring

What says style more than a bottle opener key ring? Be the life of the party with one of our Rattlesnake Cable Company bottle opener key ring. On one side is our Rattlesnake Star Logo (similar to our t-shirts), and the other side is the Montana...


Gift Tin

Gift Tins are a great way to store a cable as a present! Gift Tins are made of tin and manufactured here in the United States. Tins are great to use later as a way to store miscellaneous items like picks, string winders, etc

Please note,...


Gift Card

Give the gift of tone! Don't know what to purchase as a gift? A gift card let's the recipient sort out the options and get EXACTLY what they want! We will ship a card and paper sleeve to you. Or if you need to the code to give immediately, we can...

$25.00 - $200.00


Park Ranger

Rattlesnake Cable Company Hat - Park Ranger. This is a Richardson Structured, mid-profile, six-panel hat in a very park-y green. These are using our star logo on a leatherette patch.


Washed Chino - Black

Rattlesnake Cable Company Hat - Richardson Washed Chino in Black. These are 100% cotton, unstructured, low profile six-panel hats with cloth baskstrap and flip buckle. These are using our star logo on a leatherette patch.


Fidel - Olive

Rattlesnake Cable Company Hat - Fidel Style Lid in Olive Green with our rectangle logo on leatherette. Represent!


Fidel - Grey on Grey

Rattlesnake Cable Company Hat - Grey on Grey - Fidel Style Lid in Grey with our rectangle logo on leatherette, also in grey. Represent!



Check out some videos talking about Rattlesnake Cables - unboxing, demos, etc.

I was looking for a real cable for my guitars , something that would be strong and dependable yet look good and have great sound. Thats when i found Rattlesnake cables. Many different ways to put your cables together also many colors. So i have it my...

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Going to give this guy a test drive during cable testing. Excitement level is high.

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Rattlesnake Sighting!! #RepostSave @jorgeynicole with @repostsaveapp ・・・ You never know where you may end up performing.  Today, we had the wonderful privilege of playing at a baby shower at this magnificent venue in the Dominion Country Club.  Such a lovely place with a great staff!
We were very proud to showoff the battery-powered amp, the D6-8, by Elite Acoustics with this four hour set.
Many thanks and congrats to the family expecting!
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