Junction Box.

Junction Box is a way to connect two cables. Inside our powder coated, laser engraved is an actual Rattlesnake Cable connecting the Neutrik mono jacks.

Why? Let me describe a couple of scenarios that I have personally experienced. Playing on stages that are longer than expected where your primary instrument cable going from board to amp is too short. Doesn't happen often but is possible. Another example is when recording and wanting to run a longer speaker cable between your amplifier head and cabinet so you have access to the head, while the cabinet is isolated. Combining a pair of speaker cables can help with this on the fly.

The junction box is small, so easy to keep in your guitar or utility case. Select between instrument or speaker junction. Instrument junction uses a piece of our 20AWG conductor, while the speaker junction uses 12AWG wires.

  • Neutrik Mono Jacks
  • Matte black powder coated enclosure
  • Laser etched enclosure
  • 3.625" x 1.5" enclosure
  • 20AWG Conductor or 2x 12AWG Conductors

Yes, no power is required. Just plug in your cables to increase your length.
Sometimes on large stages, your primary lead may be too short to reach. Simply use a back up cable and you're set. The junction box is small enough to keep in your guitar case for these moments.


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