TRS to Dual Mono Splitter.

I'm not a fan of TRS Y-Cables. They have a tendency to fail, and you are stuck with the length you get. We get asked about Y-Cables often, and I always recommend a TRS to Dual Mono Splitter

With a TRS to Dual Mono Splitter, you have maximum durability at the Y connection. It will hold up, where a Y will slowly start to get stressed. Additionally, you have the flexibility. You can put long Mono cables / TRS cable, or use Patch cables for the Mono or TRS connection, you're not stuck with the set length - and since application requirements often change as you change, it's nice to have options

Our splitter uses our powder coated / laser engraved enclosure and use quality Neutrik Stereo and Mono Jacks.

Add a TRS Rattlesnake Cable with this Splitter!

  • Neutrik Stereo Jack
  • Pair Neutrik Mono Jacks
  • 20 AWG wires
  • Laser etched enclosure
  • 3.625" x 1.5" enclosure

Y cables, by design, cannot handle heavy strain, and the probability of failure is high. That's the number one complaint. The second issue is that you're stuck with whatever length the Y cable is set. As you requirements change, you may need shorter cables from the junction, or a longer cable for the primary TRS or Mono cable. With a TRS to Dual Mono Splitter or Mono to Dual Mono Splitter, you have a solid connection for the junction. You have the flexibility to swap out cables down the road.
You will need a single TRS cable and a pair of Mono cables - either patch cables or instrument cables (depending on the lengths).
No. This is a completely passive connection.


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