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If you're new to Rattlesnake Cable Company, you might be asking yourself - "Why should I buy from Rattlesnake?". We also get asked - "How does your instrument cable compare to Mogami or Monster brand cables, etc.".

We never like to compare ourselves to other brands - simply because it can often be subjective or have such personal bias, that it makes no sense to compare. What we typically say to this is to look at our specs and compare nuts and bolts with the products - if that's the most important factor for you.

Where we differ from the other brands are some factors that are easily missed or taken for granted. Let's get into those and see if they are important for you as well.

Why Buy - Promo Video
Here is a video to get a sense of our shop and the vibe of the work environment.

Let's ask a few questions first

Do you prefer a cable milled in the United States?

If the answer is "yes", then great. We work with wire mills in the United States to manufacture our custom cables. These include our instrument, XLR, patch, and speaker cables!

Do you like supporting US small/family based businesses?

If the answer is "yes", then great. We started this business with an idea. It started with myself (Hank) and my wife (Amy). It quickly included my children, and eventually grew to a small crew of fantastic individuals. Every day is a struggle (or challenge) to not only maintain, but to grow. Everyday we focus on pumping out product and keep our team happy and employeed. It's an uphill climb, but very rewarding!

Do you like supporting a business where musicians work and understand the importance of durability, reliability, and quality of tools you need to work with?

If the answer is "yes", then great. Early on in this business, this was very important for us. Every new hire, I ask them "Have you ever been on stage when a piece of gear did not work. Your bandmates and the audience looking at you while you try to get things running. The feeling of panic and irration." I then follow up with - "I want you to think about that feeling when you work on these cables. Let's do our best to NOT let that happen to a musician using our gear."

If things go wrong, is it important to be able to contact someone to address those issues?

If the answer is "yes", then great. When things go wrong, there are SO many ways to contact us - from our contact form, social, chat on the website, etc. I (Hank) personally handle all communication, so you would be talking to me - the owner, and I will do my very best to take care of you, because you are SO important to us. When you think of the other brands out there, try to consider that as well.

Do you like a lifetime warranty?

If the answer is "yes", then great. We offer a lifetime warranty! We definitely stand behind your product. And most importantly, we want to get you up and running ASAP if something goes wrong!

Why Buy - Tim Very
A great video that Tim Very of Manchester Orchestra did.

We've assembled a great playlist of user review and unboxing videos on YouTube.

View YouTube Reviews Playlist

What do other people think?

When you're new to a product or brand, it's often important to see what other think. Do other people buy this product? Do other people like this product? Do people trust this brand? What do people generally think?

Here at Rattlesnake Cable Company, we are extremely fortunate to have a great community of users. They are more than customers to us. Over the years, they have been extremely generous with their time by submittings Testimonials and Google reviews.

To view a complete listing of our testimonials click here. There you will see information about their testimonial, what they purchased and what they thought of their buying and customer service experience.

We have a growing number of 5-star reviews on Google as well!

Let's Get Nerdy With Words

So we have a growing set of Testimonials. In these testimonials there are some common words, and instead of reading each testimonial, let's see if we can find some recurring words to identify potential trends. We put together this word cloud that is showing frequency. The larger the word, the more often it's found in our testimonials. We also broke down these words and displayed those counts sorted from highest count. We thought this was super interesting. You might too!
service 532
quality 498
Hank 446
customer 421
great 384
order 298
years 180
sound 179
time 178
product 166
fast 142
Excellent 136
Great 135
video 135
ordered 133
products 124
good 124
shipping 122
custom 121
purchased 120
high 117
received 116
experience 115
top 115
built 114
purchase 106
bought 105
love 102
build 101
personal 100
tone 94
awesome 90
notch 88
buy 88
business 87
Customer 86
nice 82
needed 82
quick 81
cool 80
excellent 79
work 76
packaging 76
recommend 76
signal 75
super 74
communication 74
amazing 73
durable 71
days 71

Thank You!

We hope that this page helped you make your decision. We would love to make your next cable and look forward to the opportunity. We'll treat you right! Please shoot us a message if you have any questions, etc. Also, we might have a first-time buyer coupon for you too.

Thanks again! - Hank



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