Pedal Steel Cable.

We're very excited about this line of cable. These cables are ideal for pedal steel players connecting from their pedal steel to the volume pedal. 3' cable typically with straight to right angle Neutrik Nickel plugs (Neutrik Golds are also available). Colors include red, black, sage, dirty tweed, blue, copper and mean green. Pedal Steel Cables are $35 each.

Many pedal steel players might also be interested in our Rattlesnake Line Buffer as well and our Standard Instrument Cable to connect the volume pedal to an amp

  • Conductor/Shield 99.95% OFBC
  • Capacitance at 20-25pF/ft.
  • Braided copper shield (95% coverage)
  • 20AWG conductor
  • Cable milled in the United States
  • Cable hand assembled in Missoula, Montana

No, our cables are not directional. If you're purchasing a Snake Head, the Snake Head portion should be on the instrument side, but that only is cosmetic. The cable will work fine if plugged in any direction.
Some of our customers swear by gold contacts. Some of our customers can't hear a difference. Gold does provide a better contact surface, but the signal improvement may be hard to notice. Some of our customers (including myself) just like the cosmetic look of the black shells with gold contacts. If you're in a humid climate and deal with corrosion, gold might be better for you as well.
When people ready that, the first assumption is that the copper is somehow 'air tight'. Nope. OFBC is part of the smelting process where the oxygen molecules are smelted out or removed to a point where it's below .001%. This makes a very pure copper allowing for great conductivity.
We have a variety of wire mills that we work with. All of the wire mills we work with our in the United States. We take extreme pride that our cable is milled in the United States and hand assembled here in Missoula, Montana.
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