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4x4 Junction Box.


Due to popular demand we are now offering the 4x4 Junction Box (also known as a pedalboard patch bay or patch panel). The 4x4 Junction Box will allow you to pass 4 signals from one side to the other. This is great for pedalboards and when you want all lines entering and exiting on the same side for tight organization. You can use the inputs/outputs in a variety of combinations - line in, line out, effects loop send, effects loop return, etc. Or possibly manage a couple of outputs to multiple amps, etc.

We are offering two types - Shared Ground or Isolated Ground. Typically, shared ground should work fine, but in some cases with high gain amps and if you're using effects loop, you may want the isolated ground to avoid ground hum.

  • Neutrik Mono Jacks
  • Laser engraved enclosure
  • 4.375" x 2.375 x 1.25" bare enclosure
  • 20AWG Hookup wires
  • Brass Hex Nuts
  • Shared or Isolated Ground

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