Flex Patch Cable.

When flexibility is important and getting into tight spaces on your pedalboard, we are offering the Flex-Patch! This cable is our new patch cable with Bare Copper conductor and Bare Copper spiral shielding with 98% coverage and smaller diameter than our instrument cables (.230"). The Flex-Patch comes GLS Audio Pancakes with gold signal contacts. The Flex-Patch will come in the following lengths - 6", 8" and 10".

Standard Flex Patch has a flat price of $10 for each of the 3 lengths. Any cable length can be made and will adjust price accordingly (submit a custom build). You can upgrade to G&H GGN Right Angle or G&H Stubby Straight plugs as well.

Please note, GLS pancakes are great for pedals placed close together, side by side. The pancakes offer a shallow height profile, but a larger profile in width. Because of this, if you have jacks close together (for example - stereo outs on a pedal or loop stips), you may need to go with a G&H Right Angle to get plugs closer together. You can also mix G&H Right Angle and GLS Pancake - just select the appropriate plug when adding them to your cart!

  • Conductor/Shield 99.99% BC
  • Capacitance at 37pF/ft.
  • Spiral copper shield (98% coverage)
  • 20AWG conductor.
  • GLS Pancakes - Nickel Shield / Gold Tip
  • G&H Right Angle - Gold Shield / Gold Tip
  • G&H Stubby Straight - Nickel Shield / Nickel Tip
  • Cable milled in the United States
  • Cable hand assembled in Missoula, Montana

We have a variety of wire mills that we work with. All of the wire mills we work with our in the United States. We take extreme pride that our cable is milled in the United States and hand assembled here in Missoula, Montana.
Typically, cable capacitance is an issue with longer runs so it's not really an issue with patch cables.
That's largely dependent on the application and requirements. Pancakes will give you a lower profile in height, but has a larger footprint on width (.82" wide). Some pedals with narrow jack placement can have issues with pancakes. The G&H right angle has a narrow profile in width (.50"), but is taller than a pancake.
Stubby straights are great for switching systems or with pedals that have narrow jack placement. The Stubby Straight has a shorter barrel (1.05") length.
U-Config is the default standard where plugs are facing the same direction. This is ideal for pedals next to each other with jacks on the side. If you have a situation where one pedal has side jacks and the pedal next to it has top mounted jacks - the S-Config fits great. Also, if you require a long patch from one pedal on a bottom row to a pedal on the top row on the opposite side, a S-Config would work great.
We offer the most popular lengths for the type of patch cables. If you need something special, please submit a custom build request and we'll get back to you with the ability to purchase your specific cables.
* Only applies to dual right angle plugs
View Orientation / Measurement Diagram
Please ensure that the above plug configuration/orientation is correct!

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Looking for a custom build?

Are you looking for something custom? A specific length or request? No problem! Submit a custom build request and we can help you out!

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