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Artist Program Application Form.

We do not offer full artist endorsements, but on occasion do offer Artist Discounts for those that are approved into the program. If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please submit an application to our Artist Program. We will review the information you submit below. Please be descriptive and provide information we can review. When filling out the form, it's important to think of how this can be mutually beneficial. We are primarily looking for artists that work on a regular basis. That typically falls in regular performances, recording sessions or involved with a variety of projects. We are also interested in artists that have a good presence on social media.

If you are approved, we will work out the Artist Discount and provide you with a reference number so we can apply discounts for you in the future. If you need any media assets - logos, etc, we can provide those. We ask that if you are appoved and have a web page, etc to please link back to us.

We will contact you a few days after receiving the form submission. Please do not send links or info via Facebook or Instagram. We like to keep track of the correspondence history through email. Thank YOU - We are excited to learn about you and your projects!

Do understand that we’ll meticulously go through your social media, if you’re causing problems and dramas online we probably won't be interested in working together.

Please remember that you’ll be representing Rattlesnake Cable Company while posting anything online or performing in public. We have the right to terminate our artist relationship at any time if we feel actions or behaviours have compromised our brand in any way.

I understand and agree:



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