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We wanted to do something a bit special! We're offering FREE gifts based on cart value. The best part of the free gifts is that they accumulate, so as you reach level 2, you get a level 1 gift as well! Please note that the gift threshold is calculated by the cart value, so applying a discount code affects the value of the cart. You can always see how close you are to the next level in your cart!

LEVEL 1 : Cart value over $175

Pedal Labels Pack - $10 value!

Many years ago, we developed Pedal Labels and currently sell these at our partner-site This is an absolutely fantastic product that allows you to quickly and safely mark your pedal settings. These use low-tack vinyl labels that are very clean looking and come off easily - not the case with conventional tapes. These are much easier to identify settings instead of finding pics on the phone. Guitar techs love these for quick resets, and they have been a great hit over the years.

LEVEL 2 : Cart value over $275

You get Level 1 item AND...
Rattlesnake Case Cloth - $10 value!

We are offering this great case cloth! This is a microfiber cloth in dark grey with our Rattlesnake Star logo screened on the corner. The cloth measures 9.5" x 9.5". This is a perfect cloth to carry in your guitar case or cable bag. The microfiber cloths are great for wiping your guitar finish or residue from your plugs. It's important to keep those plugs clean!

Note: the picture in the photo is the cloth folded in quarters.

LEVEL 3 : Cart value over $375

You get Level 1 item, Level 2 item, AND...
Merch Kit - $20 value!

Are you looking to grab some sweet Rattlesnake merch? Here is a nice kit that would give you some variety and save you some dollars. To buy these individually, it would be $34. Our Merch Kit includes the following:

  • Rattlesnake Pick Tin
  • Bottle Opener Keyring
  • 2x of our popular Notepads
  • 5x .73mm Rattlesnake Custom picks
  • 5x .88mm Rattlesnake Custom picks
  • Skully Sticker
  • Black Metal Round Sticker
  • Black Metal Rectangle Sticker
  • 2x of our standard contour cut Rattlesnake Stickers

You have an opportunity to receive a total of $40.00 worth of FREE gifts! Insane!



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