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Rattlesnake Audio Probe.


The Rattlesnake Audio Probe is a great tool for you DIY effect builders and modders. It allows you to probe the circuit establishing break points that let you know what the circuit is doing audibly. This is a great way to identify bad components or where there circuit is failing.

You simply connect a cable from the amp's input to the 1/4" jack on the probe. Connect a cable from guitar or signal generating device into the input of the pedal. Insert the black (ground) probe somewhere in the circuit (usually a screw hole to ground) then touch the red probe to the circuit. I usually tend to start at the input which should give you a clean, un-effected tone, then work down the trace until you identify a problem.

The probe is not meant for high voltage devices.... it was designed to test simple 9V circuits like pedals.

  • Neutrik Mono Jack
  • Matte black powder coated enclosure
  • Laser etched enclosure
  • 3.625" x 1.5" enclosure
  • 2x probes (red and black)
  • Red - Tip of Jack
  • Black - Shield of Jack
Absolutely not. This is for low voltage applications. This is ideal for pedals, etc. But not for amps.
No. This is a passive circuit that will flow signal to an amp. Basically short circuiting the signal and bypassing to an audio device. No batteries or power supply required.
You can plug a guitar, but is awkward to play and probe at the same time. We would recommend some type of looper that loops a consistent signal into the pedal so you focus on probing.


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