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Rattlesnake Line Buffer.


The Rattlesnake line buffer is an OpAmp based line buffer. There is an on/off true bypass toggle switch as well as a discreet/subtle LED indicator. All jacks and switches are mounted on one side of the unit for maximum options for placing the unit on or below your pedalboard. The enclosure is a small 3 5/8" x 1 1/2" enclosure with black matte powder coat with laser etched logo.

We wanted to develop a Line Buffer with a toggle on/off feature for easy testing while determining placement on your pedal line.

Components include quality Xicon metal film resistors, Texas Instruments OpAmp, PCB boards are manufactured in the United States and using quality Neutrik jacks. All components soldered and assembled by hand here in Missoula, Montana.

  • Neutrik Mono Jack
  • 20 AWG wires
  • US Manufactured PCB
  • 3PDT True Bypass Toggle Switch
  • Matte black powder coated enclosure
  • Laser etched enclosure
  • 3.625" x 1.5" enclosure
  • 9V / 12V DC Power
  • Discrete yellow LED indicator
A buffer is to help restore frequency loss due to cable capacitance. As your cables lengths add up from guitar to board and board to amp, you may experience some high frequency loss in the chain. By adding a buffer, those frequencies are restored.
Typically, the buffer should be the first item after the instrument. But some users will try to find an ideal location within their pedal chain depending on what they prefer.
Yes, you'll need to power with a standard 9V DC barrel (like Boss or OneSpot power supply). You can also power this with 12V DC.
Some players like to play with the placement of the buffer in the chain. You can easily bypass the buffer while you find the sweet spot.
Some players do not like how certain fuzz pedals sound with a buffer before them. Some players like the 'bad sound'. You'll need to determine if signal is altered in a way that you don't like and position the buffer accordingly. Typically, the buffer should be first, but does not have to be.


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