Limited Run of Radar Olive Snake Head Cables.

We are offering a limited run of our Radar Olive! The first look of this olive green weave - I immediately thought of the TV show M*A*S*H, and of course I start thinking of the character - Radar!

"Snake Head" as we like to call them is a cable with the weaving stopping short on the instrument side of the cable. This leaves a portion of raw cable touching your finish. Perfect when running a cable between the strap and instrument body.

We will be offering this for a limited time or until we run out of weave.

Additionally, you can purchase this cable with White or Black tubes. They come standard with Black tubes.

Conductor/Shield 99.95% OFBC. Capacitance at 20-25pF/ft. Braided copper shield (95% coverage). 20AWG conductor. Cable milled in the United States.

What about warranty? - Lifetime warranty baby!


Please ensure that the above plug configuration/orientation is correct!

Looking for a custom build?

Are you looking for something custom? A specific length or request? No problem! Submit a custom build request and we can help you out!

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